Three Ways To Transform A Small Foyer Into A Welcoming Holiday Haven

Posted on: 30 August 2017

If you're like many people, you tend to entertain more during the holiday season than at any other time of the year, and perhaps you enjoy putting up the holiday decorations every year. However, homeowners often go all out when transforming both their home exteriors and interiors into a warm, inviting place for the holidays but completely neglect their foyer, especially if it's small. However, you don't need a large foyer to make a big impact on guests -- no matter what its size, the foyer serves as your guests' first impression of the interior of your home.

Here are three ways designed to provide inspiration for dressing up a foyer for the holidays; they are all excellent ways to welcome guests into your home. 

Fill a Small Corner Table With Holiday Figurines 

One of the key principles of making small spaces work is taking full advantages of corners -- unfortunately, in many foyers, corners simply sit unoccupied, so top a small table designed for fitting into corners with seasonal figurines for a charming accent. You can choose from holiday figurine sets representing the Nativity or go for a more secular theme by selecting snowmen or winter village scenes, or you could delight little hearts by displaying figurines that depict Santa, his team of reindeer, and his elves busily at work making toys for children. 

Hang a Wreath on the Wall

Hanging a wreath on an interior wall provides a festive note for small foyers. If you're the crafty type, you can make your own using pine cones or other materials. If you don't have a yard or live near a park where you can gather items to make a wreath with, you can always find suitable materials at your local craft retailer. Those without the time or talent to craft a holiday wreath can always purchase a ready-made one at a local holiday bazaar. 

Light a Candle 

A warm glow infused with inviting scents welcomes guests to your holiday festivities in an elegant manner. Aromas can range from simple single scents with holiday themes such as bayberry, pine, or even pumpkin pie, or they can be medleys of traditional holiday fragrances such as apples, cranberries, cinnamon, and other spices. Single candles work best in small spaces -- even a small tea candle placed on a saucer will do the trick. For a dramatic effect, place the candle on the table with the decorative figurines and turn off the lights.


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