Three Ways To Honor Your Cat With Your Clothing Choices

Posted on: 4 October 2017

Being a cat owner can sometimes feel like having an owner yourself. Cats tend to have an independent spirit and personalities that can be as distinct as any humans. If you have a close bond with your cats or consider yourself a cat person, you should invest in some clothing that will honor them. For those who love cats as a part of a cult-like personality, here are some cat pieces that will add a feline feeling to your closet:

Collect cat brooches

If you have a sophisticated wardrobe, you may want to add a little shimmer and shine to the wardrobe with a cat brooch. Cat brooches give you a lot of leeway in picking a personality for your outfit. Brooches can be upscale, with the face of a cat fashioned in gold with jeweled eyes. Cat brooches can also be funny, with a picture of a recognizable cartoon cat or a cat in a funny pose in order to throw a little bit of lighthearted humor into your outfit. 

Get a cat ear hat

Hats are a cute way to add a bit of flair to your outfit. Atop any hat cat ears can be added in order to make the outfit more cute or eclectic. If you wish to collect cat clothing that will go with anything, the first piece that you can start with is a cat ear hat. Some knit winter hats come with cat ears that slightly stick out from the rest of the hat. A black cat ear hate can go with a black hoodie for casual times or a nice winter peacoat for a more formal look. You can even get a fedora with slight cat ears created in the fabric and a bird feather on the side to give it a little flair. 

Cat sweatpants

Most people tend to wear cartoons and screen prints on their t-shirts. Instead of going with the norm, add some cat pants to your wardrobe. Sweatpants or leggings are the perfect clothing choices for cat clothing. Pants that feature cats all over along with cat sayings can be worn out and about or when you are lounging with your best friends. Sweats and leggings are easy to wash hair off of and can even hide the hair if you get pants in the same color as your cat's fur. One of the best things about lounging casual cat pants is that your cat can leave fur or even climb up them without it being a big deal. 

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