Pick Up These Accessories During Your Next Visit To A Tobacco Shop

Posted on: 24 October 2017

Visiting your local tobacco shop or browsing an online shop isn't just about buying the cigarettes, loose leaf tobacco, or other smoking products that you enjoy. Unlike buying tobacco at a gas station or a convenience store, a tobacco shop gives you the choice of a long list of accessories that you can pick up, too. Whether you're relatively new to smoking tobacco or you're a longtime smoker looking for some new accessories to augment your enjoyment of this pastime, your tobacco shop can offer a wide range of different products that will appeal to you. Here are some accessories to consider buying the next time you shop:

Tobacco Grinder

If you're interested in buying tobacco leaves for their freshness, and then making your own cigarettes, you'll need to first grind up the tobacco. The best way to complete this task is with the help of a tobacco grinder, which comes in several styles. Commonly, a tobacco grinder is a small receptacle — often circular in shape — that has a series of sharp points inside it. You place your loose tobacco leaves inside the grinder, turn it back and forth, and the sharp points will grind the tobacco down to your desired size. Tobacco grinders can be inexpensive and plastic or stylish and made of different metals.

Smoker's Pouch

For those who are getting into the pastime of smoking a pipe, a smoker's pouch is a useful accessory to buy. Pipe smoking requires several accessories beyond the basics of your pipe and tobacco. You'll also need screens for your pipe, a poker to push the tobacco down into it, and other similar accessories. A pouch, often made of leather, is designed to hold your pipe, tobacco, and all of your accessories so that when you wish to smoke, you can retrieve the pouch and have everything that you need.

Refillable Lighter

Instead of using a series of disposable lighters or always trying to find a match when you wish to smoke, consider buying a high-end refillable lighter. These products are commonly available at tobacco shops and can serve as the lighter that you use for the years and even decades ahead. Refillable lighters are available in a variety of styles, including those that are stylish enough to display on your desk or elsewhere in your home. And, because you can fill it with lighter fluid instead of throwing it away when it runs out, it's a better choice for the environment.

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