A Few Myths About Caring For Your Jewelry Debunked

Posted on: 16 January 2018

Caring for your jewelry will be essential if you want to keep these accessories in good condition. While it may seem like caring for jewelry will be a simple and easy task, there are many instances where misinformation can lead individuals to make mistakes that could otherwise compromise the integrity and appearance of their jewelry.

Myth: All Jewelry Boxes Offer The Same Level Of Protection

Storing pieces of jewelry in a jewelry box is one of the most basic and effective ways of protecting these items. However, it should be noted that jewelry boxes will not all offer the same level of protection. For example, some jewelry boxes will contain features that allow for individuals to better control the humidity in the box. Also, some of these boxes will contain individual slots for the various pieces of jewelry. Using these slots will minimize the risk of the pieces of jewelry rubbing together and damaging each other.

Myth: Jewelry Only Needs To Be Cleaned Every Few Years

Cleaning your jewelry can be another indispensable step for protecting it. However, there is a common assumption that it should only be cleaned every few years or whenever the jewelry starts to become visibly tarnished. Yet, you may find that you can greatly improve the durability and aesthetics of your jewelry by making it a point to regularly wipe down these items with a soft cloth. This will remove the oil that may have gotten on these items from being in contact with your skin. If you can not do this after each time you wear these items, you should at least do this once every few weeks for the items you wear the most frequently.

Myth: You Can Tighten Loose Stones With Adhesives

The stones that are in your pieces of jewelry are likely to most important and noticeable parts of it. Not surprisingly, when one of these stones starts to come loose, it can be a very unnerving situation. In an attempt to address this situation, some individuals may attempt to use an adhesive to secure the stone back into place. Unfortunately, if individuals opt to use household adhesives and glues for this task, it could cause extensive damage to the stone. Additionally, some jewelry is designed so that the stones will be held in place with special pins, and using an adhesive in these situations is unlikely to correct the problem. Rather than risking harming your jewelry, you should always leave these repairs to an experienced jeweler as they will be able to tighten the stone without putting it at risk.

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