3 Reasons To Choose An Area Rug Made Of Tiles

Posted on: 26 October 2018

Most area rugs come as a single piece and may be square, rectangular, or even oval-shaped. Another type of area rug to consider, however, is one made up of a series of carpet tiles. These tiles are conventionally squares that you can place together to make up the area rug. Such tiles come in many different colors. Sometimes, you'll find squares that are all the same color, resulting in an area rug with a uniform appearance. In other cases, the variety of different colors will give the area rug a dynamic look. Whatever you prefer, here are some reasons to opt for this type of area rug.

1. Easy To Adapt To The Space 

When you choose an area rug that is made up of carpet tiles, you have the ability to ensure that the rug suits the space. Should you buy a one-piece area rug, there's a chance that the rug could be too large or too small for the space, as you may have struggled to find a rug of the perfect size. When you put together the area rug with carpet tiles, you'll be able to ensure that the rug fits in the room properly. You may even want to choose an unconventional shape — an "L" shape, for example — based on the room's needs.

2. Less Fuss When Cleaning

When you or a family member spills something on the area rug, you'll commonly use some type of spot cleaner to deal with the issue. However, there can be times that the stain is significant enough to warrant washing the entire rug in the washing machine or taking it to a laundromat. Doing so with a full area rug can be cumbersome, but the job is much easier with a rug made of carpet tiles. In this case, you can easily lift the tile in question and clean it, rather than have to fuss with the entire rug.

3. Possibility Of Replacing Damaged Pieces

Over time, your area rug may get damaged. For example, if you were to drop a lit candle on the rug, it could burn a small hole in the rug. With a one-piece area rug, you'd likely be forced to replace the entire rug should such an event occur. This means not only will you go to the expense of buying a new area rug, but you'll also add the entire old area rug to the landfill. With a multi-piece area rug, you have the ability to remove the damaged piece and replace it with a new one. In this scenario, the cost is minimal, and you'll only be sending a small item to the landfill.


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