Tips For Being Smart About Selling Your Hunting Gear At A Pawnshop

Posted on: 25 November 2019

Many hunters acquire a significant volume of gear over the years, and while you might enjoy having such a vast collection of items, you might reach a point at which you want to begin reducing it. Setting aside certain items that you no longer use or that no longer carry significant value and then visiting a local pawnshop can be a good strategy to pursue. Pawnshops frequently carry large supplies of hunting equipment, so it's almost certain that your local shop will be interested in what you want to sell. Here are some tips for approaching this process in a smart manner.

Consider What People Hunt For

You may have experience hunting for all sorts of prey in a variety of locations, but it's a good idea to consider the local hunting scene before you start to decide what you'll sell to a pawnshop. Items that will be useful to local hunters will be most appealing for the pawnshop to buy — and to offer you a good price for. For example, if you've done a lot of bear hunting, but there aren't any bears in the area in which you currently live, bear hunting equipment will have limited value to the shop. If deer hunting is big in the area, however, this sort of gear will be desirable.

Consider Its Condition

Condition is always important when you're trying to sell something to a pawn shop, but this can especially be the case with hunting gear. A lot of hunting gear gets vigorously used, which can make certain items unappealing to others. For example, if you have some apparel that you've worn extensively and it has a lot of stained blood on it, the average hunter won't want to buy these items. The pawnshop knows this, and may not be interested in paying you for these items. Consider your items that are in like-new condition, as these will yield the most value.

Consider Inquiring In Advance

A lot of people simply show up at their local pawn shop with items that they want to sell, but this can be a strategy that doesn't always work well. If the shop has little interest in some of your items, you'll have the hassle of taking them home again. Once you've decided on a list of hunting gear that you hope to sell, call the pawnshop and run through this list. Provide an honest condition rating out of 10 and describe each item as thoroughly as possible. The shop will likely specify the items in which it has an interest, and you can proceed accordingly.

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