Cool Modern Features Of Clothing Stores For Teens

Posted on: 17 February 2020

Everything about how the world shops has changed thanks to internet technology and the World Wide Web. Even though many teens shop online alongside their parents, heading out to a department store or clothing store to try on new things and pick out clothing is still a valued experience. Nevertheless, technology has still changed how these in-store experiences look. There are actually some pretty cool ways that modern technology has evolved the shopping experience for teens when they head to a local clothing store to buy something new. Here is a look at a few cool modern features of clothing stores for teens. 

Order Online and Shop In-Store

Many of the top clothing stores now allow shoppers to order what they want online and then pick up their items in the store. In clothing stores, this means customers can place their orders and come to the store to try on what they have purchased to make sure it fits. This shopping experience combines the best of both shopping worlds; teens can browse all the items online, make their selections, and then still get the in-store experience. This process allows customers to get what they want without the hassle of sending items back if they don't fit. 

Virtual Rack Browsing 

Imagine walking into a store where the racks are filled with dresses. You could take your time to sift through each one, pull it out, look at it, and then return it to the rack. However, with a virtual rack or rail, you would stand before a digital screen and simply swipe left and right to browse the selections and different styles. When you find a dress you like, you simply get the reference number, find that number on the hanger on the physical rack, and grab the dress. This is a win-win for the teen shopper and the store itself. Buyers can find what they like quicker and store personnel doesn't spend so much time reorganizing what is on the rack. 

Style Suggesting Kiosks

Style kiosks have been popping up in some department stores and clothing stores. These units are a lot of fun to use because they will ask you questions, get a quick picture of you, and even take your measurements to suggest certain clothing pieces that would suit you. Some of these kiosks are so advanced that they will supply a picture of the clothing pieces on you to give you an idea of what the look will be with certain pieces. 

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