Things Sacred Sage Can Help With

Posted on: 21 April 2020

Sage has been used for centuries in rituals, especially in those performed by Native Americans. Now, many people use sage for many reasons. Keep reading here if you want to know more about some of the more common ways that sacred sage is used.

Sage can be used for purification

A lot of types of sage have antimicrobial properties and this makes it good for things like keeping bacteria and viruses away. Along with keeping these things away, another benefit is it can also be successful at keeping bugs away. It is believed by many that burning sage can help you stay healthier because of its ability to get rid of those threatening bacteria and viruses.

Sage can help to relieve some symptoms

A lot of people find that burning sacred sage can help them to feel relief from some of the symptoms they experience from different ailments they suffer from. One of the things sage can help with includes the symptoms that come with allergies, whether they are seasonal allergies or allergies to other allergens like detergent or types of material. Sage can also bring relief to people with other conditions, such as those with bronchitis or asthma.

Sage is believed to assist with the dispelling of negative energy

There are many things that can cause there to be negative energy in a space. Sometimes, negative energy can plague a place where something horrible happened, such as a location where a horrendous crime took place. Other times, the negative energy can be caused by a person with negative energy around them. Sacred sage can be used on its own during a smudging ritual to dispel negative energies, or it can be used in conjunction with something else, such as holy water.

Sage can help improve your sleep and your energy

Some people who have a hard time getting a good night's sleep find that sacred sage can help them to get a better sleep in which they may fall asleep easier and even get a whole night's sleep. When they sleep better, they will have improved energy during the day. People who seem to lack energy at any point of the day can also use sage to improve their energy, even if they aren't feeling poorly from a bad night's sleep. Some people like to start the day of burning sage and drinking a cup of tea to get started off with a good attitude and loads of energy.


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