A Shopping Guide to Pawn Shop Action Figures

Posted on: 5 October 2020

Pawn shops have a wide range of products available for sale, including toys. As you seek out vintage action figures, prepare yourself to know what to look for and the best ways to get the most out of your shopping experience. Use this guide and learn how to find the best action figure options at pawn shops.

Manufactured Years

As you seek vintage toys out of the package, you may be curious about the years the action figures were produced. Action figures have key locations to find out information. The first place you should look is the bottom of the foot. On the foot, you will often see the year of the product along with the company. Another location includes the lower back of the figure.

Using a quick internet search, you can find when the toy was produced and what toy line the action figure has come from. When you know the full line, you can seek out the other figures and build up your collection.


Pawn shops may feature both new and used action figures. If you find used action figures, you have the opportunity to clean the figures and return the toy to near mint condition. As you examine various toys, look for any metal pieces like screws. If the toys are made with all plastic or rubber parts, then you can use mild dish soap to soak and scrub the toys clean. If the toys have metal pieces, then you can spot clean them using scrubbing wipes, cotton swabs, and soap.

Cleaning action figures is ideal for scuff marks and general dirt buildup through the years. You may find the toys at discounted prices due to the used condition and save extra money as you build up your collection.

Color Wear

Sun exposure can cause action figures to change color, even if the figures are new in package. One of the common effects you will find when you shop is a yellowing effect. Skin tones will turn yellow due to UV rays. As you shop for toys, look at the skin tones and see how colors have changed. Sometimes you may find discounts on action figures with the color wear.

There is usually no way to reverse the wear. Some collectors like the color tones because they show the way the figure has transformed over the years. For figures in the original packaging, compare the figure design to the look of the promo pictures on the cardboard backing.

Pawn shops offer great discounts on action figures and allow you to build a great collection for cheaper prices than retail.


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