Embracing Digital Distribution Channels For Increased Market Access

Posted on: 23 April 2021

Thanks to the internet and connectivity around the world, many commercial transactions are online. The internet has connected wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers across the globe. Businesses can now procure raw materials and supply their products globally through online wholesale product goods distribution channels. The channels ensure interconnectivity of multiple markets, increasing businesses' sales volumes and profit margins.

Addressing Previous Challenges of Distribution Channels

Businesses may rely on online wholesale product goods distribution channels to avoid the challenges associated with traditional supply chains. Many traditional distributors have failed to respond to their market demands, including embracing technology. Moreover, businesses that continue to rely on archaic supply chains experience various complexities, including contract pricing, varying payments, and limited shipping options. However, technological advancements have provided permanent solutions to the identified challenges. For example, online wholesale product goods distribution channels allow businesses to track their consignments until arrival. Moreover, any damaged or lost consignments can be tracked easily through the system.

Maximizing the Benefits of Increased Market Access

Online wholesale product goods distribution channels have opened the door to many distributors that would have never been possible before. Unlike previous supply chains, potential buyers are just a click away and do not have to be physically present. Moreover, businesses can tap into online wholesale product goods distribution channels to offer product descriptions relevant to different regions worldwide. The new opportunity for growth and customization makes online wholesale distributors of goods and products culturally pertinent and globally accessible.  

Accruing Reduced Operation Costs

Initially, businesses aspiring to penetrate foreign markets were required to establish additional plants overseas to meet customer demands. The branches were integral to establishing credibility and attracting foreign customers. Moreover, most transactions between manufacturers and wholesalers were physical, necessitating large workforces. However, technology has reduced operating costs by introducing online wholesale product goods distribution channels that are less capital and human resource-intensive than traditional channels. Businesses are no longer required to establish foreign plants to penetrate overseas markets. Currently, they are only required to join or establish an online wholesale product goods distribution channel through which they can supply their commodities to foreign markets. The distributors offer warehouse services at affordable costs, mitigating the need for businesses to rent additional premises in foreign countries. 

Online wholesale product goods distribution companies also guarantee quality control measures that businesses may rely on during transactions. Before the internet, businesses had to recruit agents who were assigned to different distribution channels to protect company interests. However, online wholesale product goods distribution companies follow stringent policies, protecting their clients' consignments. 

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