Young Child's Birthday? Get Them A Handmade Wooden Dollhouse As A Gift

Posted on: 12 July 2021

If your child is getting older, imaginative play is very important for them. One great way to encourage this play is to purchase them a dollhouse. Below is information about a handmade wooden dollhouse, as well as the benefits this toy offers your child. 

Handmade Wooden Dollhouse

The first thing to consider is the size of the dollhouse you want. You can find small dollhouses that sit on a tabletop or ones that are even smaller. You can also find large dollhouses that sit on the floor that will be as tall as your child.

Wooden dollhouses are popular with many people. Wood is durable and will last through many years of play. Your child could even hand down their precious dollhouse to their own child one day if you choose wood. Different types of wood can be used, such as birch or cherry. 

Purchasing a wooden dollhouse that is handmade is your best option. You can design the dollhouse the way you want. For example, you can choose how many rooms and floors, as well as the colors that are used. You could recreate your own home or make a completely different home for your child. You can find companies that make handmade wooden dollhouses online.

Along with the dollhouse, you will want to purchase furniture and figures or dolls. These figures could be animals or people. Make sure each room is filled with the required furniture. Add extra things for an added touch, such as a throw pillow on a couch or toys in a child's bedroom. 

Benefits of a Dollhouse

Having a dollhouse as a toy offers your child many benefits. First, it will help with them their social skills if your child has a friend or sibling play with them. If you purchase a large dollhouse, it will be easy for two people to play at the same time.  

A dollhouse can also help your child with their imagination. They can role-play being the parent or even another child. They can give voices to each of their characters and play out in their mind what each character is doing, thinking, etc. Doing these things can help your child in their own life, as they can act out certain situations. You may notice they act out things that have happened to them in the past, such as if they got in a fight with a friend, so you can better help them.

You may see that your child will continue playing with their dollhouse even after they outgrow it. 

For more information, reach out to a company that offers handmade dollhouses and dollhouse accessories, such as Elves and Angels.  


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